If you follow Huddah on any social media platform, you have seen how much she works hard. She has worked her way up to being big deal around the world now.

Just the other day she sold her cars and that didn’t seem to bother her cause she can easily get a new one off her hard work.

Ita Taxi Sasa! Huddah Monroe Sells Both Her Multi-Million Shilling Cars (PHOTOS)

She also never seizes to make us happy. She posted warnings to the girls who share their phone digits with ‘dirty boys’ advising them that they should stay woke! She likes big business deals and those ones come into her email.

She likes big business deals and she apparently transacts a large portion of them through her email. And this shouldn’t not come as a surprise; we are always seeing Huddah travelling all over the world and this is only possible with a digital office space!

I guess she got this big endorsement deal through her email. Huddah is officially the new brand ambassador for Puma! Yes, you read it right! While other so called socialites are fighting and abusing each other, Huddah is creating and making a brand for herself!

She went on to her Insta story and told the world her new position wearing the shoes and flaunting the black and white Puma shoes.

Check out pictures from her Insta Story: