Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe is one lady who has made a habit of making statements that can be thought to be clickbait. Is it click bait? That is left to you the reader.

The socialite also posts a lot about her cosmetics brand and less about her nude exploits, the ones that cause normal red-blooded men to even go to her social media pages in the first place.

Huddah Monroe

In a recent Snapchat rant, the very beautiful socialite decided to come out in support of the billionaire businessman, Chris Kirubi. Why she did it? Who knows? Maybe it is the comments that some online bloggers have been making after a photo of Chris Kirubi emerged on social.

Chris Kirubi and Kiprono

Some of the comments are not printable in such an esteemed tabloid, But Huddah took it upon herself to defend the honour and decency of the man who has enough money to pay boatloads of lawyers from all the haterade.

Huddah Monroe

But Huddah believes she can do better than all those well-trained lawyers, and she came out with a robust defense of the “weak” businessman.

Huddah Monroe

Below is what she wrote on her Snapchat:

Chris Kirubi Chris Kirubi

Do you agree with her or is she talking out the side of her ass?

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