Kenya’s ‘Nicki Minaj’ Huddah Monroe is arguably one of our sexiest women. After representing Kenya at the Big Brother Africa Season 8, the pretty lass has been able to create a huge following on Instagram where she posts photos of her flashy lifestyle.

Lately Huddah has been travelling a lot and she was recently in Nigeria on a ” business trip”. She posted pictures online of herself allegedly enjoying life in the Juju country. However things turned sour when a certain blogger pointed out that the photos were not Huddah’s and accused her of stealing them from “MegaBillionsEntertainment” and using them to floss to her followers .

In one of the photos, there were dollar bills scattered all over the floor and in another there were bottles of expensive champagne.

“Party of a kind in Nigeria #PrivateParty #BananaIsland what happens at a private party stays at a private party…hence I’ll delete later”,

she captioned.

According to the blog, “MegaBillionsEntertainment” posted the first pic with the dollars on the floor 3 weeks ago and the one with the champagne 3 months ago. Huddah posted her pics on between May 9th and 10th. After the story went viral, Huddah immediately pulled down the photos.

Check out the screenshots