Huddah vs Kate

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s promise to pay artistes during this quarantine period until things normalise has ignited mixed reactions.

During his recent speech, the President announced that the government had allocated Ksh. 100 million to artists.

‘I direct the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage to avail Ksh100M from the sports Fund to our artistes, actors, and musicians during the period of the covid-19 pandemic so they continue to entertain their fellow brothers and sisters through TV, radio and the internet,’ he said in a statement.

This didn’t go well with a majority of Kenyans, and some came out saying Uhuru had misplaced priorities while a handful supported him.

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Kate actress was among the few who praised President Uhuru for the move and taking to social media, she wrote,

Why is there so much bile about this ? Please make me understand. I know so many artistes who are almost sleeping hungry or houses closed because of this pandemic, yet still you turn on your radio or tv and they put a smile on your face 😔! AMA labda wewe si wa locals (as the bourgeoisie say) Mimi Niko Sawa and I thank God and will continue to Entertain, but najua wengi wanahitaji this help. Let’s be human. Thank you my president @ukenyatta God bless you 🙏🏿.

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Check out mixed reactions from Kenyans;

Huddah Monroe Almost $ 1 million directed to entertainers while people don’t know where to get their next meal with the lockdown! I pity my country, people. Kenya is hell. Can you imagine not even directed to healthcare or food for those in slums.

merryanejay Priorities of this nation though!

wambuguwills He should think of equipping hospitals with ventilators because that is what is needed now,not to even mention personal protective equipment to those attending to patients. We already have enough entertainment from our TVs,radios and music🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️(This was honestly a misplaced priority )

peshnny Those same “celebrities” ndio wanatusumbua hapa IG with their “lavish” lifestyles.. The fake lives are catching up!

Ciiru kagai @kateactress 1.the president seems to have some misdirected priorities and 2. his communication was not good. The fact that he says the money will come from the sports fund people question if they are the artists’ royalties or just a Tocken given to assist Artists. He would have maybe put it in a way to explain that artists have adversely been affected by the pandemic since no performances and not saying it’s for them to entertain people. I mean even now without it ..Artists are doing a good job despite the challenges that it comes with it now. Priority comes in the sense that ; People are already entertained by memes,music, movies (Art) what he should do is go down to the basic needs of the people like food and housing. When they put measure and directives that will address the current felt needs of every Kenyan,whether an artist,doctor, mama mboga,the unemployed etc. He needs to do things uniformly and not selectively. More so,I hope that the money will be distributed well among the artists so that even that young suffering artist benefits and atleast give a meaning to the move.

suzy_kenyan Uhuru could put priorities first, cant support this at all there is loads of poor wananchi who cant even afford 3 meals a day halafu mnapewa hio pesa yote eti tuu entertain us? this is just another Scam

fay_fayie Is there any artist living in slums like other ordinary people in kenya?? No, none, nd Kati ya food nd entertainment gani n basic need hapo?? Nd how do you entertain empty stomach??? Nonsenses msituletee upuzi,, this is kenya😁

ndinda_jones Artists in other countries are coming out with the small savings they have to share and fend for the most privileged families and homeless people who can’t even see food while you want us to make you understand my question is what do you want us to make you understand anyway humanity is lost in the world at the moment let’s hope we will combat the virus it’s a man eat man society

glam1polish The tv or radio should pay them. This 100 million should go to the poor. We have enough problems already to deal with musicians cases. Kwani wapi pesa they earned before this crisis. 🙄🙄🙄Issa scam!!! Gova in scamming in the name of entertainment

beedz_kenya Kwani corona niya musicians tu

kellenwandi @kateactress Right now Kate we don’t need entertainment,what for? When our stomaches are empty? I understand when you said that most of our entertainers are sleeping hungry too but they don’t deserve any special treatment from our local Kenyans…personally I won’t seat here to listen to you jokes which usually make my day without something to put in my mouth

sonia_carols We believe they have money because they’re busy faking it!!! Peaneni vitu kwa ground tukaange tukijua mko na shida. Nonsense!!!!

g.wanjir The president shloud consider all the Kenyans…there is alot that is happening on closed doors ..ppo are also sleeping hungry. So si artist tu.. tena madoci wanacomplain kuh masks na sarnitizers.. really now.PRIORITIZE

luciouscheiz Pure bulshit instead of government focusing on how to reduce food prices so that the general public can benefit. They are busy giving out money to specific groups, je? mama mboga

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aryn_jess_ Reality check @kateactress you know of many artists who sleep hungry but you should also know of many Kenyans who are homeless and are out in the streets the people in kibera and wherever else who have lost their job and don’t know what to have for dinner tonight. There’s children out there in the streets and probably haven’t had a meal and you ask why people are so bile. People out here are really suffering we don’t need entertainment because it won’t make anything better some people don’t even recognize these so called entertainers.

michael_.k  It was just last year we heard stories of Kenyans dying of hunger and im sure the situation has not changed but you want to fund 100 million to Musicians wenye wakona pesa. MADAM, KENYANS ARE NOT FOOLS!!!!!!!