Huddah Monroe

It is beef season and it seems like Socialite Huddah Monroe and Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro are first up on the ring.

Yesterday, Kamene called out Huddah casting aspersions on what she does.

Kamene who at the time was talking to her new producer Xtian Dela and soon to be co-host Andrew Kibe was wondered how a woman like Huddah owns a Range Rover and an apartment in Kileleshwa.

“Has she been selling (expletive)? A girl with standard three English owns a Range Rover and an apartment in Kileleshwa, what else have you been selling other than (expletive),” Kamene said.

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“What did you think she was, a lawyer?” she posed as they burst into laughter.

If you missed that, check out the video below.

Funny enough, Kibe was mum about the subject.

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Now, Huddah has responded to Kamene by saying,

“A queen doesn’t get off her throne to address a peasant,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Huddah then shared a quote that read:

“Only a b**** unsure of her position tries to prove herself…What is understood, doesn’t need to be explained. I am never oblivious to the reality of anything in life…

Adding, “Playing cool doesn’t mean playing a fool… It just means I am in control of the situation… Remember a queen never comes off her throne to address a peasant.”


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