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If you have ever been in an intimate relationship then as a woman you might have struggled with a dry cookie at some point.

For some women, it is a temporary condition but for some it is a long term issue.

Ever wondered what makes your cookie dry and makes lungula painful?

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Below are some of the causes

A- An allergy to chemicals in soap, detergent, lubricant or hygiene products—these can also cause vaginal dryness or irritation.

B- Menopause

C- Post Partum dryness, particularly if breastfeeding

D- Medications which interfere with reproductive hormone regulation, such as those with treat breast cancer or certain gonadotrophin releasing hormone agonists.

E- Removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy of the pelvis (1-5).

F- Low libido

You might get turned on but the body does not get wet.

You might also not get turned on by what your partner is doing hence switching off your mind.

If you feel turned on but are still dry, your body might simply need time to catch up with your brain.

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If you’re noticing va*inal dryness along with a lack o desire, you may be experiencing low libido, which can be caused by a number of factors including medication and health conditions.

Below are some of the remedies to treat a dry cookie

If you’re experiencing dryness since being on medication or a form of hormonal birth control: talk to your healthcare provider about trying another one that’s a better fit for your body.

If you suspect your dryness could be caused by low estrogen levels, there are several treatment options: va*inal moisturizers or lubricants, local va*inal estrogen cream or tablet.

If what your se3ual partner is doing doesn’t work for you: you could try discussing your se3ual likes and dislikes—you may even find that just talking about it increases your arousal.

If you feel turned on but you’re not wet: spending more time on foreplay can be one way to increase your natural lubrication.

If you are reacting to scented soaps: Try switching to natural products and wash with unperfumed soap or just water, and see if your symptoms improve.

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