How would you know the dude that is marking his territory on you is a bedroom bully?

This is a great question.

It would save us all a lot of time and heartache if we knew ahead of time if someone is going to be good in bed.

He might not be right for you in bed, but he could be the master of the universe for someone else.

Here are four things to look at:

His physique

How a man looks like in stature, makes it easier to know his ability. The buffed up ones with muscles tend to be preferred as compared to the not so puffed up ones.

They are considered stronger and may know how to go about good lungula.

 How does he move?
You probably haven’t seen him dance or play sports but you can assess how he works his way around either in the office or around home.

Is he charming and articulate? Does he seem comfortable in his own skin? Does he stride confidently (but not arrogantly) around the office?

Does he carry himself straight and walk with a purpose?

If he represents himself well in business situations and seems comfortable with himself physically, signs point to his having good moves in bed.

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How are his motor skills?
I don’t care how intellectual or corporate your office is, you can still spot a guy who’s good with his hands.
Have you ever watched him twirling a pen around on his fingertip during a meeting? What does he do with his hands when he talks?
How a man gestures can tell you a lot about what kind of lover he’ll be in bed. And if he can’t help expressing himself with his hands in the office, just imagine what he’ll be able to do with them when you’re alone.

His confidence
We’ve all been with men who were so insecure in bed that it was nearly impossible to get turned on.

Well, confidence in the boardroom is a pretty good sign of confidence in the bedroom.

Does he express himself well and not turn away from difficult or contentious conversations?

Does he act like a leader? These are all great signs of confidence and intensity that will work overtime in the bedroom.

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