“She found another guy!”

“She left me and she didn’t explain.”

“I have no idea what happened …she just upped and went!”

“I care about her and I want her back …but she doesn’t pick my calls!”

These are some of the words that have brought grown men to tears. Well gentlemen, If you’ve ever been left by a girl that you were really really emotionally attracted to (a girl with whom you had really clicked and her vibe was great and she was the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen), it sucks! It simply sucks.

I’ve been there. I can relate!

If you’re normal, you’ll probably suffer a serious case of blue balls for a while. In fact, “your tail will be in between your legs”, so to speak and you’ll be one of those that thinks love stinks.

This, of course, if you didn’t do anything wrong. Say your game was tight and you followed all the rules: you took her out, you spent time with her, always there for her, made her laugh, listened to her, prayed for her, prayed with her, took time to bond and all …if she just leaves after all that, then it wasn’t your fault.

However, if you’re honest with yourself and you’re the one who messed up …because you didn’t put up a great show (not being man enough and letting her walk all over you or spending all your money on her or showing her your weaknesses too early and generally being a wuss) then I’ve got tips for you and it starts with your wallet.

One of the fastest ways for a man to display his mediocrity is to spend too much money on a woman trying to impress her. It’s a disease in this society, unfortunately. Worst of all is that you won’t be looking genuine at all.

If you talk to most women, they’ll tell you that when a man tries too hard and spends a lot of his money on her, it feels like he’s trying to bribe for sex. Simple theory and it is what it is.

Gentlemen, rule number 1: don’t spend too much money on her!

Apart from looking like you’re soliciting, it’s bad for your conscience plus it really isn’t authentic. Then she goes away and leaves you hurting after you give her free meals ..then what!?

There’s a better way to do it and you won’t go broke neither will you look cheap. A lot of Kenyans are doing it and you’ve probably heard of it too! Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention.

Michael, a 27 year old guy who loves his girl to death knows exactly how it works. Like the normal Kenyan, he spends a lot of time talking and texting with his girlfriend or even sending her lovey dovey snuggies on WhatsApp.

Naturally, his phone must never be out of airtime or bundles because he’ll be out of reach and he won’t get to talk to his Sheila. Here’s where he’s a step ahead of the crowd.

Last week Tuesday, Sheila called him at about lunch hour.

“Hey babe! Really hot day here and you’re on my mind. How’s it going?” she asked

“I’m good swee-pea. Just being chill. I’m about to head out for lunch. Probably something light like some salad at the kibanda or…”

“How’s about we do lunch today? I’m hungry!”, she interjected.

“Urm… urm… yeah, sure. Errr, no problem.” he fumbled, trying to feign confidence.

He knew he had upset her on Sunday with a sordid joke about her new shoes so this would be perfect to make it up to his girl.

“Cool babe. I’ll be in town in 20 minutes. You’re the best!!!!” she said abruptly.

“I know you know girl. Let’s meet outside Uchumi on Ngong’ road.” he replied.

“Alright, see you later!” said Sheila, hanging up.

It’s mid month and Michael was rather low on cash. It was the reason why he was going to have something light for lunch.

Now had a situation in his hands. Sheila wants lunch and she likes to eat good food. He sat down at his office desk to think.

Placing his phone on the desk, he stared at the screen as it went dim drifting into standby mode. “How am I going to do this?” he thought. “What the heck now!” sighed Michael.

The things we do for love.

Looking up slowly while scratching his moustache with his third finger, his face suddenly lit up with a glow that would confuse anyone. Michael remembered he had been using OCharge to top up his phone since he heard of it in November. Kaboom! Problem solved.

You see, with OCharge, you get rewarded with deals and discounts from a good number of Kenya’s favorite brands every time you top up your airtime ….and boy had he been topping up! Actually, he’d also been buying Sheila airtime too.

Grabbing his phone quickly, he scrambled to draw the unlock pattern on the Android lock screen and got it wrong twice because he was over excited. The third attempt opened the home screen and he tapped the icon on the app.

“Show me my balance bay beeeee!!” he spoke while the app loaded as if the phone was listening in order to revert with a vocal response.

Presently, Michael discovered he had 4420 points and this was big! His elation was much, never mind that he had spent all that money on airtime over the past three months. Today it was going to pay off!

“1 Shilling of airtime = 1 OCharge point” Michael remembered from the advert he first saw on Facebook before downloading the app and giving it a try. Today was going to be special because he was going to treat his girl to lunch for free without looking cheap yet he was broke at the moment.

Scrolling through the deals, he saw exactly what he was looking for; Debonairs had a walk in offer – two triple-decker’s for KSH 1,000 instead of the regular KSHS 1,400.

Debonairs Offer On OCharge
Debonairs Offer On OCharge

He ordered them without wasting time, dashed downstairs and took the next matatu.

Sheila was really going to love hanging out today date!

Folks, give yourselves a break and think about it. You don’t need to spend too much on her. Think of all the creative ways that you can kill two birds with one stone and she’ll appreciate it.

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