Robert Burale

In the recent past, we have seen an increased number on social media bullies, it’s a sad state of affairs given they attack over no valid reason.

Below are a few tips on how to handle trolls like a pro.


Whether you do good or bad people will always try to bring you down. The best thing to do is to ignore comments from negative critics.

Mute the comment section

You are allowed to mute your feedback section every once in a while especially on sensitive posts.

After all, it’s your account and you are at liberty to do whatever you want with it.

Avoid oversharing details

Yes it’s your social media account but oversharing does not help, infact it makes matters worse.

So only share what is useful to people and keep the rest of the details to yourself.

Mbuzi ni wewe! Willis Raburu claps back at rude fan

Don’t always respond to every critic

Responding to every person who criticizes you makes you look very idle.

It makes one become an easy target too as people assume you are soft.

The next time a person calls you gay, ugly, broke or fat just let them think so.

After all their opinion does not put food on your table.

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