How to eat more in January for less
How to eat more in January for less

For most people, January has been a time to ask “Where did my money go to?”. Thanks to leading scientists and our independent research, we have figured out a way to get your stomach full on a budget this Njaanuary. What are some of the tactics?

  1. Befriend the tea person at your office. Strategically place yourself to join the office tea cartel by doing the tea person a small favour. A favour could be something simple like giving advice. Soon, you will have your own reserved thersom and a supply of extra tea which you could trade in for mandazi or other snack
  2. Ask for extras at the kibanda.Ask and you shall receive” – Kibanda proverb. The easiest way to get more ndengu, managu or dondo is to ask. “Niongezee extra….. naskia njaa”. If you are a loyal customer, you will get rewarded for asking
  3. Date a hotelier/chef. Yes, they will carry some extra food home. If not, they will invite you to buffets or events that they are hosting. How will you find one to date? That’s your own challenge
  4. Accompany all your meals with bread. Have you ever eaten chips with bread? Githeri with bread? Beef with bread? Bread is great for filling up your stomach, Utashiba tuu
  5. At the kibanda, ask for the chapati to be chopped in to little pieces. Yes, lie to your brain that you are eating many more pieces of chapo. The good thing about these chapatis is that you can ask for soup to be poured on them. Chapo Nyeshea is a lifestyle
  6. Add pili pili to your food. Yes, adding chillies to your food will force you to eat it for longer and before you know it, you will say “Nimeshiba” mostly because you have drank gallons of water
  7. Embrace the luhya with you and escort every meal with tea. Chicken wings with tea. Pizza with tea. Ugali with tea…. Tea with tea