Jowie's bail ruling at Milimani Law Courts. PHOTOS/ENOS TECHE

The main suspect in the murder of Monicah Kimani, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, will remain in prison even after he was granted bail.

Jowie was on Thursday 13, February, 2020 granted bail by Justice James Wakiaga at the Milimani Law Courts.

He got a cash bail of Sh2m or an alternative bond of Sh3m.

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Now, the family cannot raise the cash bail.

After sending out the call for action asking for help, Kenyans responded.

Only Sh 80,000 was raised. Not even the Men’s Conference who support and advocate for the boy child could help Jowie.

Nelius Irungu spoke to K24 Digital and said the family is struggling to raise the bail or bond to free Jowie.


“We have raised Ksh80, 000 so far through the funds-collection initiative. A good part of that money, was raised by Joseph’s friends. Most sent at least Ksh100 or Ksh200,” said Jowie’s sister.

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Since the bail or bond hasn’t been posted, Jowie is still incarcerated at Kamiti Prison. This worries the family alot.

Nelius added that the dad has put up his only piece of land for sale to free the son.

“I am also requesting his friends to fundraise for Joseph’s bail. I can promise that the money raised will be used appropriately. If one will have questions on how we have used their contribution, we’ll be more than willing to make available the receipts and bank statements.


“I urge Kenyans to share with us any amount of money, and we guarantee transparency on how the funds will be used. We are not out to con anyone; we are just pleading for assistance”.

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