Kambua Mathu

She may appear confident but at some point gospel artiste Kambua had to deal with insecurities over something she considered an abnormality.

Kambua has a gummy smile and an incident in primary school left her feeling exposed.

Speaking during an interview with Citam Church Online, the mother of one narrated

‘When WE were in primary school we were playing and laughing when this girl asked me how comes every time I laugh my gum has to show.

After that I became very cautious.

All through High school and probably after that every time I took photos I just made sure I smiled enough for the camera but not enough to show my gum.

I started viewing it (gum) as an abnormality because other peoples gums never showed when they laugh or smile.’

‘I felt ugly, never thought I would amount to anything meaningful,’ – Wahu


Kambua went on to add,

‘What I realized is that, our identity is affected by things people say to us.’

In recent times Kambua has been opening up on her life and her fans are getting to know more abut her.

In the past many considered her a reserved person but being a mother seems to have opened her up more and we love that about her.

Her speaking about her insecurities goes to show that no one is perfect and we all have to love ourselves with all our imperfections.

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