Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

Business woman Monicah Kimani, 28, lived a relatively drama free life away from the limelight.

Her death was not that quiet.

Monicah’s murder made headlines when news anchor and senior political reporter Jacque Maribe was named as one of the suspects in her murder.

Her the fiance, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was fingered by investigators as the prime suspect.

Monicah was found murdered in her posh apartment at Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani, Off Dennis Pritt Road on September 20.

The businesswoman, was found dead in a bathtub with her neck slit ear to ear and hands bound.

Jacque Maribe fights tears as she talks about roller coaster life

  1. The news of the grotesque murder sent shock waves across the country.

Jacque Maribe opened up about the effect of that murder charge had on her rising career.

“I was at the peak of my career and then all over sudden life just happens,” Jacque said on The Hot Seat interview that was streamed live on all social media platforms.

“Getting into 2018 was an interesting year for me being one of the voices that could actually be heard and taken seriously in the political sphere. Until one day you have no idea what the world just decides to do. Like literary a stand still.”

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“Have you ever felt like your world just stopped. You stop breathing. You stop understanding what is happening to you.”

She concluded,

“It brought my journey as a journalist to a halt so unexpectedly. It is something I cannot go into details about because Legally I’m not allowed to do that. Bit I hope it is a conversation we can have in the future. What j have learnt from it so far, aa a woman what it has meant for me.”

The murder case against Maribe and Jowie is still ongoing.

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