Diana Marua and her husband Bahati have been unleashing video after video on their vlog. In their latest video, Diana asked the father of her two kids how often he talks to his baby mama.

For a long time, we were not in communication because of a few things. But towards the end of 2019 I saw it was important to be in communication because what matters most is my daughter Mueni,’ Bahati said.

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He went ahead to explain that before he used to call Yvette’s mother (Mueni’s granny) to communicate with his child but at times they were not getting along.

I talk to my baby mama when our daughter wants to talk to me or if I want to. I don’t have a specific time,’ he said.


At times I want to know how she’s fairing on with school so that I can know whether the school fees I’m paying is being utilized well or not. Unajua mimi ni mtu alikula school fees ya mzungu children’s home so sitaki mtoto wangu akule school fees.

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“How many times in a day do you talk to her?” Diana asked

Whenever my daughter wants to talk to me. Once a day mostly..

“Do you think it’s important for me to know you talk to her?” the mother of two posed.

No. I don’t think it’s necessary.

Responding to Diana’s question, below are fans’ reactions

Monica Wanjiku Yes I should know Dee in fact he should call her when ur both 2gether

Doreen Kawira Yeah Dee u have a right to know when they talk…He is ur man and u deserve to know the truth girl…😍😍dee

Anne Pauline Diana I think you should know when they talk and what they are talking about……wewe ndio mke huyo mwingine ni ex

Esther Ngari Tell him to buy Mueni a phone, period!

Nancie Lloyds Diana I think you should be told every time, she has been called. Aki baby Mama’s can be very irritating chunga asikugeuzie serikali in the name of checking on mueni then don’t meet up with her. I feel it’s better make mbali na each other… If it gets to meeting up ikue kwa restaurant sio home kwako .

Elsie Snaider out of Solomon’s wisdom I think dee deserves to know because she’s now your wife

Emmiliana Msagath It’s important for Diana to know

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