Diamond mother

Mama Dangote is Diamond Platnumz’s mother. Real name Sandrah Sanura Kassim is married to one Uncle Shamte.

Uncle Shamte has revealed that their love story started in France.

We met in Paris, France where she was collecting her bags at the airport. She was carrying Tiffah. The following day, we met at a launch where we were taking photos and I told her that I follow her on social media a lot.

“It took time and she used to insist on love and truth, when you are truthful, you become her best friend,” he added.

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Mama Dangote
Mama Dangote and Uncle Shamte

He also revealed that what people say about Diamond has always given Mama Dangote pressure.

“Yes, sometimes social media gets to her especially when her son is trending for claims that he has copied a song or has a new lover”

“I think insults are the things that make her sad on social media, she feels bad and she has blocked so many people like almost 20,000”

Shamte also says that when Mama Dangote is happy, she cooks alot.

‘Marry before I die,’ Mama Dangote tells son, Diamond Platnumz