Sniper G Ganjii

It was a murder most foul. Kenyan producer Sniper a.k.a G’Ganji, who is known for producing bangers for hip-hop stars like Abbas, Chiwawa and King Kaka.

King Kaka paid tribute to the producer describing him as someone with an “infectious personality”.

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King Kaka paid tribute to him saying he produced some of his hits like ‘Bangaiza’ and ‘Kaza moyo’.

Read his tribute below.

A source told Mpasho that the producer was involved with an altercation with a student from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Juja where he was also studying.

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The source narrated,

“Aligongwa kichwa na stude flani wa JKUAT. Akapelekwa Thika Level 5. He supposedly convulsed twice but mwishowe akatuondokea Tuesday.
The guy who hit him is in custody. ( He was hit on the head by a JKUAT student. He was then rushed to Thika Levell 5 hospital. Here he supposedly convulsed twice but in the end, he breathed his last on Tuesday night. The guy wo hit him in in police custody.)”

May he rest in peace. We at Mpasho we send out condolences to his friend and family during these trying times.

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