Rapper King Kaka is the talk of the town.

After his explosive hit single Wajinga Nyiyi ignited conversations about the bad governance that Kenya is under.

His life has been threatened and he fears for his life and that of his family.

If you haven’t heard his song watch it below.

Here are the lyrics for the explosive song Wajinga Nyinyi

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti reminisced about the day they met.

“I was wearing a short black dress and black sandals. Toes manicured and lip balm on my lips. Hair tied back. Then you threw your ‘I love your toes’ comment. I remember thinking. Jesus! What a fetish. Freak. I like this one’,” she wrote.

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Adding, “All through, you have demonstrated what growth is, orchestrated what love is and redefined what family and family virtues are.”

Nana continued, “All these years passed, children sired and you still look at me the way you did that first day. Who is an ideal partner? Oh! I know.”

King Kaka responded, “I still love your toes.”

She then wished him good health, beautiful memories, immense success and “a lifetime with me”.

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