Murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been the name on everyone’s lips for hours, what many wonder is, how he met his ex-fiancee Jacque Maribe.

Jowie together with Jacque pleaded not guilty to the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani.

Monicah was found murdered in her posh apartment in Lamuria Gardens in September 2018. Her throat had been slit, hands tied and her body dumped in a bathtub. Water was running.

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In a statement filed in the courts, Maribe revealed that she met Jowie during Jubilee Campaigns in 2017 where he was working as a VIP guard for former Taita Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Lay.

“The first time I met Jowie was in mid-July at Jubilee Party functions one at Bomas of Kenya and later at Kasarani,”

He was also working with a private firm in Dubai.

The couple got engaged  to ex-Citizen TV reporter Jacque Maribe in July 2018 before being arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of Monicah Kimani.

The intimate ceremony was attended by Maribe’s friends Shix Kapienga, Terryanne Chebet, Monicah Kiragu as the damsel gasped in shock, Kidum serenaded her and those in attendance.

While behind bars, a curious fan had questioned Maribe on whether she still wore her engagement ring to which she responded.

The fan raised the question after Maribe shared a photo seated next to comedian Eric Omondi in a public area and captioned it,

The king himself @ericomondi comedy is you. You done did it!

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To which curious fans responded.

‘As zoomers association unadhani hatujaona engagement ring ya Jowie? Main husband ni nani?’ the fan wrote.’

Another fan question who Jacque was actually dating between Eric Omondi and Jowie

‘Main husband ni nani?’

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To which Maribe responded,

‘Am I still wearing it?’

The fan further probed.

‘Come clean tujue kama ni EX so that we can camp outside Kamiti day anatoka. Hatutaki kuletewa compe.’



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