Betty, Joho and Okari
Betty, Joho and Okari

Damn! Some people cannot catch a break. And tody, one of those people is Betty Kyallo Mutei, formerly Betty Kyallo Okari. The former KTN news anchor who was at one point married to NTV media personality Denis Okari has been catching hellfire all day today ever since The Nairobian confirmed all the stories Mpasho had told about her dalliance with Mombasa’s governor back in 2016.

You see, when Betty Kyallo married Denis Okari, they had a huge wedding which as it was now revealed was paid for in part by Hassan Joho. But away from all that, the story detailed the various ways in which Betty Kyallo was humbled by her former partner Hassan Joho.

If you read the True Love spread when she was featured, one would have thought hers to have been an egalitarian relationship but when you find out the details (the place where the devil lives) you get shocked by the fact that this was far from the case.

she had led life on the fast lane when she was first left her husband Okari and shacked up with Joho only for things to tank when Joho was done with her. I would like to detail some of the ways in which Joho humiliated her whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Check out my list below:

Kicked her out of his house

Betty Kyallo was literally kicked out of the home Joho had bought to serve as their love nest. Yep. She had contributed exactly nada to the digs and when he decided that he no longer appreciated her company there, she had to beg him to allow her to move out with their furniture.

lamu style furniture

Repossessed his car

As the story is told, Joho sent his security team to repossess his car while Betty Kyallo was driving it along Mombasa Road and when they caught up with her, she was somewhere near Nyayo Stadium. And that is where she was relieved of the burden of driving such an expensive car. she was left to trek her way to her destination. She probably dialed some cab service though.

Turned his car into a campaign vehicle

As if that were not bad enough, Joho decided to turn the car he had spent 13 million on into a campaign vehicle. Perhaps this was done to spite her or perhps this was done because the car reminded him too much about Betty but this was a definite blow to her “shego“.

Made her beg for him

It is reported that once Joho had made up his mind that Mombasa County wouldnae have a new first lady, Betty Kyallo agonized as she tried to salvage their relationship to no avail. Brah… I don’t even blame her. Joho is a very high value male and the chances that Betty will land another at his level or higher are slim to none.

She became a laughing stock

This was the worst of it all. We saw Betty’s super car get used for campaigns and laughed. Schadenfreude. And that was not even the worst of it. Many of the commenters on her social media since then are quick to ask why she left Denis Okari and laugh about what she has had to endure.

What the hell do you think Kenyans are laughing about at this very moment?