Actor Lenana Kariba says he once lost a phone after a fraud pretended to be an honest businessman.

Speaking on the Janjaruka web series, he said, “I was trying to sell my phone online and get another new one. We met in town and he was dressed in a really nice suit. He looked like a well-kept guy and as soon as I sat down, he started ordering drinks.

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lenana_kariba_girlfriend“He told me a story about his family and that he runs a bar and restaurant in town. He took a look at my phone and took photos.”

The man then pretended not to have carried the money with him and asked Kariba to accompany him to his restaurant, where the money is.

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lenana_kariba_girlfriend“We got to the bar, ordered another drink. We spoke a bit more. He was talking to the people like he knew them, it was like it was rehearsed. He went to the back and it was like an exit, and he was gone,” Kariba said.

“I sat there for 15 to 20 minutes. He didn’t pick up my call. I called one of the ladies and she is like she didn’t know the person.”

Kariba is currently making moves with his role as ‘Reagan’ in the drama series ‘Selina’.

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