A city woman has narrated how she almost fell prey to the dangerous gangs that drug people and rob them.

Read and be amazed at how narrowly she escaped both attempts.

“I’d like to share my story with u so that as u walk around Nairobi u may be extra careful especially ladies. Twice now I have almost been a victim of being drugged & robbed but in both cases, God helped me through.

The first happened on 24th Dec. I boarded this matatu ya Ngong route at Nakumatt junction heading to town. All was well.

At Kenyatta hospital, just as the bus was leaving after kushukisha watu, these very decently dressed guys came rushing & hoping onto the bus. They looked very smart about 5 or 6 of them.

I was seated like 2 seats back from the door. Some of them moved to the back & sat while some remained at the door even though there were many empty seats.

Just before Community, one guy stood up & called out to those standing by the door & started complaining of how uncomfortable the back seat was.

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One of those at the door responded & began moving towards the back. He was holding some small bag with him which he kept on kugongesha on every seat he passed.

Shortly after him passing where I was & passing the bag very close to my face, I began to feel sick & sleepy. Mind u I was so much ok minutes ago.

Something inside me alerted me that something was wrong. I decided b4 it gets terrible, I must get out of the bus.

We were almost at Serena. The guys were now talking to each other, those at the back complaining to those at the door.

The bus was all quiet only them talking. I tried to move but my head was sooo heavy. Just then, the guys at the door started moving to join their partners at the back maybe to discuss something.

The moment they passed my seat I got divine energy, stood up & made it to the door just as we got to GPO.

While waiting for the bus to stop, some of the guys quickly began moving towards me. Many people were already sleeping in the bus by now. I don’t know what happened or how but I got out b4 they got to me. I had to sit down at those benches outside GPO to wait for my head to cool down which was now feeling much worse.

After few minutes I felt okay enough to walk. Unfortunately when I checked into my bag, my wallet was already gone. I don’t know how or when but I had used it while paying the conductor at around Coptic hospital. I don’t know what happened to the other passengers but i hope & pray that they got off okay.

My second was today. As I was leaving work, a demon in me mentioned I go straight to Kencom (from KICC) then down towards Kenya Cinema instead of using my usual route to railways on Harambee ave. Mimi huyo, I went to Kencom & turned at KCB main entrance.

While I was slightly past where buses to Karen park, a guy came from behind & held my freely swinging hand tightly. As I tried to angrily pull & check who it is, he released my hand then said ‘oh I thot ni mtu mwingine najua’.

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Pretending to be on a call, he quickly walked away. Just almost immediately another guy came directly facing towards me. We almost collided. Very closely he said ‘sista unakaa poa’ then he walked away.

It was all so quick about 30 seconds. Then immediately I got really weak & drowsy. Clicking into my mind what cud be happening, all I said was ‘God help me’ & He surely did.
In my drowsiness, I saw an open M-pesa shop & staggering thru, I managed to get in just b4 my knees collapsed. I nearly fell down at the entrance. The M-pesa ladies were very nice & they let me stay there until I felt ok to walk. Thank God it wasn’t busy with customers.
The moment I turned & looked towards the entrance, I saw this guy staring at me but once he realised am looking at him, he quickly ran off. After some time, I told the ladies I felt ok to walk. I decide to use the behind street just incase the guys are somewhere waiting. As I got to the corner, pap, I met with the guy that had held my hand. On seeing me, he was almost hit by a car akipotea.

I believe its God that helped me out in both situations. It cud have got worse.
I believe in the power of prayers.

Pray every morning b4 leaving your house & every night when u get back home safely. Be careful all & watch out. From now, no more leaving my hands to freely move in town.

They’ll either be in the pocket or in the handbag. People around have become so evil. Let’s be vigilant.