Nairobi Diaries actress Ella Ciru has come out to reveal that she had a miscarriage a while back.

Speaking on Nairobi Diaries, Ella Ciiru said that her miscarried was fueled mostly because of ignorance on her part.


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“I did not lose my job, I left because at that time my colleague was pregnant and so was I but I did not know up until I was 2 months. I was on birth control. My man and I were living our best life and there was an injection that did not work. Though I do not blame the doctors that gave me the injection. I blame myself. I was not consistent,” she said.


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During the show’s diary session Ella explained that she found out he was not okay when she changed her prefered drink to something more light like wine. This was during a night out.

“Every time I drunk a shot I just wanted to puke and I trust me I can handle my liquor. When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t give up alcohol just like that. I started drinking wine and I got the courage to tell my boyfriend and we were happy about it,” she said.

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