That song that you just can’t get out of your head. It’s definitely happened to all of us at some point.

You wake up with a start, feeling absolutely awesome and first things first, you switch on the radio as you prepare to head to the shower. You favorite presenter who’s always faithfully there with you at 6 o’clock shouts a special “Good Morning” as if it were meant specifically for you . You wink at the radio and raise two thumbs up.

He/she loves the fact that you’re tuned in and is indeed thankful that you are because the music that’s just about to hit your stereo will get you started more than you know it. It’s as if your mind has been read because when the beat starts, your body begins to groove uncontrollably as you head in to the shower.

“Bang-chi-bang-chi-bang-bang-boom-tickedy” you dance along as you wait for the lyrics to start. You turn the tap and the lyrics are in sync with the droplets of water. “Brrrr …yeah! This is gonna be one grrrrreat dayyy!!”

“Laaaaa-la-la-loop-ahooo-dee-hooop-a-hoop” …you sing along, as the song hits climax before it fades away. A cool five minutes well spent! You get out of the shower, ready yourself and head to work, snapping your fingers.

The day goes on and it’s lunch time. You start to get a sensation and you start to feel it in your fingers and your toes. You begin to snap your fingers and you wish you were a ventriloquist so that you could snap your toes also.

“Bang-chi-bang-chi-bang-bang-boom-tickedy” the song is back in your head as you order an ice-cold coke to go down with your lunch at the cafereria. Your friends are wondering why you’re shaking your head and disco-legging at the table but you don’t mind. If only they could taste the feeling.

coke taste the feeling

In the evening, you’re heading home and as you walk towards your gate, you find yourself walking to a rhythm that’s familiar but you’re not sure which one it is. You slide in your door key into the keyhole and as you turn the knob, you swing that thang open with unconscious musical intent. It’s the climax to the day and you’re happy to be home.

“Laaaaa-la-la-loop-ahooo-dee-hooop-a-hoop” …yes, you guessed it. The climax to the song that’s been in your head the whole day.

As you retire to bed, you want to get the song out of your head. Uh-oh. Trouble. It’s stuck. You can’t get it out. There’s an ear-worm in your head and you want to get it out. Damn!

What do you do?