Diamond Platnumz  has revealed that his official producer Ayo Lizer has tested positive for the coronavirus.

A number of WCB members were placed quarantine after the manager Sallam SK  Mendez tested positive on March 19, 2020.

The normal protocol of announcing this is usually left to government health bosses or the person himself announces they have COVID-19.

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Diamond QuarantinedHowever in this case, Diamond announced in a publicised video when talking to a health care worked who is with them in quarantine.

Diamond asked the health worker,

“Take an example like Lizer who has just tested positive for the coronavirus, but he still looks fresh and healthy…how long does he have till he has to go back home fully healed?”

Responding to the query, the health worker said,

“Coronavirus does clear completely from the body.  However, you can have it and still look healthy but you are infecting those close to you. After you get tested and it shows you are negative.”

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Diamond Platnumz TattooAdding,

“You wait for a period of seven days and test again. So in this quarantine period of 14 days you must test twice to ensure you are negative. That is when you will be allowed to go back home.”

Once the video was released, it went viral. Ayo Lizer hasn’t come out to speak about the health situation.

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