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When the cat is away the mice will play. And that phrase can be used to describe what some house-helps are doing when their employers are away.

A video has recently emerged that showed a domestic worker using water that she had just used to clean her nunu to make a beverage!

What meme
What meme

Yes, you read that right! In the disturbing video, the house-help is seen squatting on top of the basin and then splashing water on her guava. She then goes on to use the filthy water to make some tea!

We at cannot, however, corroborate the authenticity of the video. The disgusting clip is shared courtesy of udakunairobi’s Instagram page. It is below:

Fellas, how sure are you that sweet juice you drink haina extra ingredients?

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While not all domestic workers are back at home doing nefarious things, there are those who give them a bad name nonetheless.

Back in 2016, a house-help was captured unleashing her wrath on her employer’s child. Blogger Robert Alai shared the video on social media and explained that the child’s parents were suspicious that something terrible was happening when they left the house.

Nanny beating child
Nanny beating child

And they were proven right when they saw footage a neighbour’s house-help had captured for them after pleading with her for help.

The video shows the house-girl slapping the child’s head repeatedly. She then drags the child near a coffee table and hits the child some more.

Later on, she threatens to beat the child with a slipper if they don’t eat their food. She does all this with the full knowledge that she is being recorded.

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