Mowzey Radio mansion

Mowzey Radio’s mum, Jane Kasubo is elated at the completion of the mansion that the son had begun building for her.

In a past interview, Kasubo said, “My son has been everything to me. He always gave me even the little he had. Mowzey Radio always took care of his sisters.”


“However much others knew him as a chaotic man, I knew him as a simple, humble and talented son. My son paid school fees for one of his sisters until she graduated recently. He had very many friends. I am left with nothing.”

Mowzey Radio mansionThe announcement was made by the Goodlyfe PR crew who wrote:

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Goodlyfe Magic Would Like To Thank our Business partner, Our brother Mr Bryan White & ( Bryan white foundation ) For Completing Our Mother’s House in Kagga Nakawuka – Mama Radio. Thank you for the unconditional Love & Support.”

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Before we check out the house, here are some of the well documented assets that were owned by the late Mowzey Radio.

Fleet of luxury cars

Radio was known for his love for beautiful classic rides. He had a fleet of cars which included a White Ml Benz, a Blue SL Convertible Benz and a White Jeep that featured in the Magnetic video.


Besides his love for cars, Radio was constructing a good number of houses and mansions. Radio was also constructing a mansion for his baby mama Lilian Mbabazi who is currently residing in Rwanda

Real Estate

Radio was a sub owner of the Makindye Neverland flat – the property was co owned and  built under the Goodlyfe company name and by then, Goodlyfe was owned by Jeff Kiwa that is why upon their separation, Jeff wanted to take the house which broke out into a huge long battle but was later on sorted out.

According to Reliable sources, Radio also had a house in Rubaga which he bought in September of 2016 and by the time of his death he was still constructing three apartments to act as a source of income for his children’s education.


Radio also owns an acre of land and according to family member’s Radio had plans of shifting Lilian from Rwanda to come back to Uganda and settle down with their two kids where they were planning to stay as a family after getting married.


On 2nd June, 2017, Mowzey Radio started up farming and planting of vegetables and at that time he also advised fellow musicians and celebrities to invest in farming to help in contributing to the food security in Uganda. After the Tubonga Naawe campaign in 2016, Radio decided to get the money President Museveni gave them and decided to invest it in Fish Farming in Mukono where he was partnering with a citizen to help him take care of everything.

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Check out the photos of the palatial residence of Mama Radio that is now complete.