Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has revealed that his mother promised him a house in Lavington when he gets married.

He said this on Classic 105’s breakfast show Maina and Kingang’i in the morning.

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He was hosting singer Sanaipei Tande and B-Classic. Maina has in the past revealed that Sanaipei is his celebrity crush whom he asked to have a baby with but the singer declined. He made this proposition to Sana in 2007.

Speaking about it Maina sweetened the deal telling Sana, “By the way, my mum told me if I get married she would give me a house in Lavington.”

Sanaipei and B-Classic have released a collabo dubbed ‘Nakuja’ which they are promoting;

A townhouse in Lavington ranges from Ksh 50 million and above. A five-bedroom property like this has features like Five washrooms, SQ, In-Built Wardrobes, Bathtub Present, Parking Area, Internet Ready, Walk-In Wardrobe, Spacious Lounge, Solar Power Installed, Borehole Present, Electric Fence, Intercom, Perimeter Walls, Gardens, Cabro Paved Driveway.

‘I will pay you 0.5m for pocket money,’ Maina tells Sanaipei Tande to have his child

Here’s an example of a KS 57 Million townhouse in Lavington (Please hatujasema it is the exact one, it is an example of townhouses found in the suburb);

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