There is a new beauty in town and she is causing mayhem on the twitter streets.

Pesh is the new fashion model on social media representing a rather conservative group of people, the Akorino.

The Akorino started appearing in the middle of the 1920s. Kenya’s founding father Jomo Kenyatta provides the earliest study of Akorino in his book ‘Facing Mount Kenya’ which was published in 1938.

In a chapter entitled ‘The New Religion in East Africa’, Kenyatta noted that the group was in its infancy and was functioning in various parts of Gikuyu country, but had little influence with the general population, its appeal being to such individuals as had been pronounced ‘sinners’ by missionaries, and to others who had been cured of diseases (Kenyatta 1938:279).

They are known for their religious vestments and symbolic attires like the long pleated dressed, white turbans and mondo – a white bag hang over the shoulders of Akorino elders during service, and especially during Church ceremonies.

Inside the white bag is the Akorino’s religious literature. The sanctity of the contents of the bag warrants its handling with honour and reverence.

Therein are documents of the doctrine and practice of the Akorino as a community of faith and worship.

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Anyhow, a young akorino girl has decided to showcase what the religious group has to offer by modeling the various attires to show off it’s versatility

Here are her photos that are making KOT go crazy.

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‏Here are reactions from KOT to the photos.

@rubbzah: She just proved you can be attractive and dignified at the same time.


@newsonkamau: Looking awesome as always…need a ride on that bike 😁‏

@walteramanya: @PeshKenya mi niko na swali mbona sionangi wakorino wanawake na mimba naonanga tu watoto?‏

@Rose_cww: Girl you got swag!‏

@luvafrican: (You remind me of Kerry Washington). You’re beautiful.

@ZMulicheti: Karibu kwangu.

@ngorisana: Hakuna haja ya helmet religion gave her one 😂😂.

@kingz254: Cute mukurino. Congrats.

@Boilash: Damn!! 😋😋☺️.‏

@Gk_Peters: So beautiful👌👌👌

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