They say fashion is anything you feel comfortable wearing or flaunting what yo-momma-gave-you. Whether it is a hipster, crop top, high-low dress, see throw attire or even a hot pant, no one cares what you put on as long as you are comfortable in it. But not everyone can wear hot pants and look great in them. At times, they are very uncomfortable especially if you wear them to the wrong event. Can you imagine the whole day you are busy pulling your hot pants down or ikiingia lunch?

It takes guts to wear one. Some people wear hot pants and are left looking like scarecrows, or walking dead cast members. In short, I mean that the hot pants wear them instead of them (women) wearing the hot pants. This is not the case with all hot pant wearers. Some do look gorgeous. The hot pants bring out the sexiness in them. Their soft tender thighs, sexy legs and even curvaceous posteriors drive many crazy.

Urembo Nayo! Julie Gichuru Reveals Her Sexy Side By Donning Tiny Booty Shorts (PHOTO)

Well, from veteran TV girl Julie Gichuru to sassy singer Avril Nyambura, here are the sexy Kenyan celebrities who look absolutely gorgeous when they rock hot pants.

  1. Janet Mbugua – Mother and Citizen TV presenter

Janet Mbugua89




Janet Mbugua83