The famous stars of Kiss TVs’ reality show, The Search, Elvis and Suzziah have decided to do a duet called Sugarcane.

One would think that after the show, people part ways and that’s it. But these two artistes decided to do a song together and they have not disappointed us. Suzziah won and Elvis came in second in the competition.

In an interview with Kiss FM’s’ Shaffie and Adelle on Breakfast With the Stars, Elvis mentioned that it was really interesting working with Suzziah. Actually, they were working on another song then the producer stepped out to pick a call. The guy on the piano was playing some tunes and the two were sited together and music just flowed, and that’s how sugarcane came to be.

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Kiss TV’s The Search Finally Crowns The Winner Of The Competition

Elvis decided to work with Suzziah because he felt like the song should be a duet with a female artist who would complement his voice. Since he had done a duet with Suzziah during The Search he called her up, she came the following week and they did the song. When Suzziah came for an interview with Shaffie and Adelle she mentioned that she actually thought Elvis would win.

Check out their new song: