Kenyan journalists

Kenyan journalists shared their first-time experience going live on air in support of a Citizen TV reporter, who was mercilessly trolled.

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The reporter, who works for Royal Media Services’ station Inooro TV was reporting live from Murang’a county after Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro was arrested. He was tensed up.

Citizen TV reporter


Nyoro caused a fracas in a Murang’a church last Sunday and accused nominated MP Maina Kamanda of undermining him. He even refused to hand over the microphone to Kamanda.

Well, quite a number of journalists came out to talk about live reporting saying it is not easy as many think. From Bernard Ndong to Carol Radull, below is what Kenyan journalists had to say about live reporting.

Nyamai Cynthia Reporting Live is not easy! Butterflies, action all around you, your mouth goes dry, news director in your ears then you remember your Mother plus all your enemies are watching! 🤣🤣🤣

Bernard Ndong My first live was a hot mess 😂😂😊Most people don’t realize that this gentleman works at Inooro TV (most of his professional on-screen reporting is done in Kikuyu), he was closest to the scene and had to give an update in a language he rarely uses in his professional was hard for him, and as you said the situation behind him was fluid and it completely destabilized him..I empathize with him because he’s been ridiculed and trolled online..But he will learn and will silence his critics 😊

Chris Kirwa Live Reporting is not easy Especially when it’s a Suprise or your first time.
My first time on radio – I pushed the fader 🎚 up to cue News and a froze … all the English I knew vanished 😀😀 That was in KBC English Service many years ago – I ended being among the top presenters. This guy will be number one reporter one day 🔥🔥

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Carol Radull The first time live is HELL 😳😳😳 Voice and everything else that can shake SHAKES! 😂😂😂 But you’re right; if he sticks with it he’ll be great one day

kate_actress He really tried, if you have been a journalist you know impromptu reporting is no mean fete . 😩

hon_mburu With passion and persistence this guy will be one of the greatest reporters soon

boni_nyaga Woi…. huyu ni reporter wa Kikuyu aki walimpatia mtihani ngumu… 😂😂

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