kush tracey

Life’s good for famed rapper Timmy Dat cause all the hot women are all over him, trynna get a piece of him. It all comes with fame, obviously. But then something caught my attention…

Kush Tracey, who was rumored to have had a fling with Kristoff was spotted in the car with the Welle Welle star. She was pouting and getting up close with him in the selfie that has gotten many talking.

“Mimi Ni Beshte Ya Mututho, Si Wa Hiphop” Kristoff Warns Off Kenyan Rapper

So people are wondering, could they be smashing or having a long term relationship? Timmy Dat is currently riding high with his song “Dus Nyau” and Kush Tracey just released a hot jam dubbed “Playboy.”

kush tracey

Seems that these two might just end up being a power couple.

Listen to Kush Tracey’s Playboy and click next to see the photos I am talking about >>