When I told my colleagues I was typing up this piece, the number of salty rebuttals nearly drowned me in spit as everyone competed to spray me as they told me off.

PESA NI KILA KITU! Keroche Breweries Heiress Given A Super Expensive Gold Watch Worth Your 5 Year Rent By Her Mother

You see, every Kenyan celebrity has been flaunting rather smashing replica watches -yes, the cynic in me refuses to believe that some of them can cop watches worth 1million shillings! Don’t get me wrong, trollops like Corazon Kwamboka can probably get them given gallivanting the globe pays enough for her to have purchased a house. Jaguar can afford these watches from his business ventures but come on!

I digress. I saw Octopizzo had posted a rather nice designer watch that is defoz original with it’s 200 dollar price tag. It’s a Micheal Kors Lexington piece:

Octopizzo watch

Corazon Kwamboka Shows Off Her Patek Phillipe Nautilus Watch Worth 4,494,070.00 Kshs!

Micheal Kors watch

And in the meantime, Hopekid has been spotted on his Instagram stories flaunting a terrible fugazi Rolex Daytona:

Hopekid's fake rolie

How do we know the watch is fake you ask? Just look at the watch crown. Sorry, I mean, look at the doohikies that you use to adjust time. The three of them look like they are suffering inadequacies. That’s a low self esteem watch.

Real rolex daytona

Let me hear one of you say it is because of the angle please!

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