Producer and DJ Kaneda Nicole is not impressed by the treatment of women in the music business.

Speaking to, the Homeboyz Radio employee said,

“Women always have to work 10 times harder and have to have the look rather than the knowledge in music. They have to bow down to the male gatekeepers just to have a chance on the decks.”

Adding, “It’s sad that some women have to give themselves up just to get five minutes of fame in the industry.”

“If there was a 50/50 split between the men and women in the industry from, corporate all the way down to club owners, women would be more confident to jump in.”

Kaneda holds a Master’s from Berklee College of Music and a degree in audio and music technology.

“I was the only female in my undergrad for a reason, the music industry is so brutal when it comes to women in music. I’m looking at the sound engineers, music producers and female DJs, the representation in the industry is 93 to seven.”

She is currently looking into investing into the Kenyan music market;

‘From graduating from Berklee i had the amazing Opportunity to work with International brands from Ableton to Serato and we have been discussing on investing in the Kenyan Market, including looking for brand ambassadors to represent them in the continent’

‘ I do believe that the music industry is breaking through once again, and hopefully the government will finally have its back and give us leeway to get to international status, I’m talking about getting more Kenya artists to the Grammys, The BRIT awards and BET awards.’

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