Silayio was known as Neema Ntalel once upon a time when she was a Kenyan based gospel musician. She went quiet for such a long time that we forgot about her.

We recently learned that all this time she has been grinding in Holland chasing her dream but now is known as Silayio. Yes, just that.

Pesa Huosha! See These Throw Back Photos Of Wema Sepetu Before Money

Silayio has been preparing to audition for The Voice Of Holland and she actually made it to the finals and if you watch The Voice you do know it’s not an easy battle.

Her recent pictures have clearly proved to us that money and Holland can work for the good of all of us.

She looks like a bag of chips with sauce on the side. But have you seen her TBT’s? It’s worth the time, trust me.

Check out her TBT’s: