Femi One is one of the celebrities that cannot be recognised without makeup. She doesn’t look like the cutie we are used to seeing at events, in her music videos and during live TV interviews. We have proof enough that publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without make-up!

You think we are joking?We have proof enough that publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without

We have proof that the publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without makeup!


Makeup Lazima! The Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Need MakeUp To Look Attractive

Femi One has been in the music industry for a second, and in this little time, she has managed to grasp the rap industry with her Pilau Njeri hit song.

The video went viral as she received several responses which got some femcees throwing shade at the Tippy Toe hit maker. She has received a lot of attention…And yes, her mission to publicize herself seems to bear good fruits.

I happen to notice that Femi One has changed a lot when it comes to fashion and style. I give her a thumps up. But there is something that is a miss.

Did Noti Flow Just Claim Femi One Was Willy Paul’s Clande In Her Diss Response To Pilau Njeri? Ohhhhh SNAP!

Femi One seems to be depending on make-up (Just like most girls do) but it seems her make up artiste is not doing justice to her face. Let me just say on this particular day, her makeup artiste was late and she decided “kuchukua sheria mikononi” and went on to do the makeup. We are assuming that is what happened.

She is one beautiful artiste…But with make-up. Here is evidence that you could confuse her for an angel straight from the pearly gates.


But then here is another proof that she does not know how to do make-up. Something that will even make you feel like crying if you ever see her without any.

NI KAMA DRAMA! Popular Kenyan Rapper Kicked Off Stage After RUDELY Interrupting Femi One’s Performance (VIDEO)

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PS: It is the same person, not her sister!