Otile Brown was on Mambo Mseto where he defended his woman saying she is all that and a bag of chips.

Otile and Vera have been forking for a while now and they seem to be sooooooo in love.

In an radio interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva, the singer revealed this,

“Kweli ana mwili wa bora,” Otile said, “We can roll we get along.”

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Vera in Maldives
Vera in Maldives

Adding, “Let me tell you she is very smart. i have never seen any chic that smart, the brains on that woman? Another thing, Vera is very caring, she has many wife material attributes,” Otile said bragging about her.

Otile and Vera have been reading comments left by trolls claiming that Otile is in love with a plastic woman.

However pundits beg to differ. In a past story on Mpasho.co.ke, there was a comparison between Vera and Samantha.

Check out in the link below.

Samantha kitu gani! 10 photos of Vera Sidika’s charming looks that trumps a sex doll (Photos)

Anyhow, Otile called out the haters saying,

“People have said many, many, negative things. It is a lot, it is something that has been trending saying she is fake and that part of her body is plastic. I was so angry and annoyed and it got to the point where i had to argue with people online. She is a super star, bro, she is an angel.”

In an Instagram post Otile gushed about Vera.

“I love you Woman… you’re just everything good… and what got me more attracted to you is that you’re Sooo damn smart 🙆🏽‍♂️a pure genius .. trust me, I have come across different kinds of women , decent , boujee , saved , in the corporate world, but they can’t match your IQ , you’re just special. Every sinner has a future and every Saint has a past. I have done things am not proud of but that does not define me, neither does your past define you, so I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♂️ what people think or say coz I know the real you …and I believe You and I can take over the world!!!”

Otile brown and Vera SidikaAnd angry Otile said, “Let me state this clearly that even if you say it is plastic or china, hapo china ninafurahi na sioni kana nitabanduka leo.”

Vera reacted to the troll saying that she is plastic with some words of wisdom.

“Kanye West admits to having liposuction surgery…y’all cool with that & fully support it. But still be hating on a b*tch that transformed her skin 4 years ago. Kanye & I ain’t no different bruh plastic makes perfect” #FuckOuttaHere. The same hoes hating would still go back & do the same shit if they had the money. Real talk!”

A very angry Vera added, “Be a beauty with brains. Ass, hips, boobs don’t mean nothing if you dumb upstairs Most people are quick to judge. Yet never met you or had a chance to interact with you. If only you knew how I think you’d feel stupid for petty ass judgements.”

With a nasty partying shot to bimbos.

“I’m no Motherf*ckin Slay Queen! Never have, Never will be!!! I’m a Boss queen. I make boss moves & one hella intelligent motherf*cker.” 

Vera Sidika rant Vera Sidika rant

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