DJ Creme de la Creme was once the subject of a sextape that leaked back in 2015. I remember that story and feeling some type of way about it because we were reporting about my friend. The sextape leaked online and from then on things were never the same in his world.

But I mean that in the best way possible because he re-invented himself and reignited the spark to his marriage with his wife Dee.

Creme and denise

You can revisit history by clicking the link below:

Tamaa Iliua Fisi! Dj Creme De La Creme Caught Pants Down In Epic Sex Tape (Exclusive Video)

And just when we thought that was behind us, another story has surfaced, this time with screenshots of an alleged conversation between Creme and his alleged sidebitch.

And the worst part isn’t that he is caught out again but what the woman was saying about his dickgame.

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The lady in question, is a popular celebrity groupie by the name Jewanj Queen and some screenshots of her conversations with Creme were posted on Faceboook. She quickly attempted damage control by saying she had been hacked but one needling question that went unanswered is,

“If your Facebook was hacked, how did screenshots from your Whatsapp appear?”

Image result for puzzled man+gif

Anyway, my attention was captured the minute I received this:


Jewanj Queen Facebook-2

The rest of my week was dedicated to getting to the bottom of the matter. And the matter from what the lass said later on wasn’t that much to cover.
According to the screenshots, Creme had hollad at the lass, Ms. Jewanj and was asking for sumtin. If you do not know what sumtin refers to then you really need to be waiting for the school bus. Midterm is over.

And that was when everything went downhill. The lass asked Creme whether he had enjoyed himself the last time they had engaged in:

cat calls lol

And he said he had.

tripping of drugs lol

Creme being a caring lover asked whether the lass in question had also enjoyed the last session of:

sexy time lol

To which she replied “No!”. Apparently his member is a rather short story…

you have finish me lol

No really, this is actually what she said:


DJ Creme Whatsappp message

At this point I had to confirm that this account really was Creme’s. I check and true enough, the profile photo is his but, as soon as my phone caught some WiFi, the profile picture updated to a more current one but all the same this is the proof:



We spoke to both Creme and Jewanj and this is what transpired:

Jewanj said:

What Creme said was:

Just kidding. We actually had to have 3 conversations with Creme and what he had to say was that as a celebrity, he is accustomed to being targeted by unscrupulous people who make up malicious stories.