Dating Diamond Platnumz’ is not a joke. If you survive that relationship a year after giving birth, you’ve made it.

It is an extreme sport involving your heart.

So far, Zari Hassan is the only woman who managed to manitain a relationship with Diamond for three consecutive years.

The rest, who tried like Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha their relationships didn’t last long.

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The Tanzanian crooner is currently not in good terms with the mother of his fourth child Tanasha Donna from Kenya.

The pair fell out a few weeks ago and over the weekend, Tanasha revealed that all was not well in paradise. She exposed Diamond as a narcissistic and unfaithful man.

She then left Tanzania for Kenya on Saturday and blocked Diamond’s sister Esma, unfollowed the singer and his mother on Instagram.

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Tanasha, who runs her son Naseeb Junior’s Instagram account unfollowed Diamond, his mother, Sandra Sanura, and sister Esma from following his account.

The only people from the dramatic family who still follow Naseeb are Diamond’s stepfather Uncle Shamte and Esma’s two daughters.

Naseeb Junior

Tanasha went ahead to delete all the photos of her son from his account and changed bio to NJ @tanashadonna’s son from the previous one which read,

On October 2nd, a king was born Mommy: @tanashadonna Daddy:@diamondplatnumz

Below are the screenshots

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Diamond and Tanasha dated for a record 14 months.

Diamond and Tanasha

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