Victor Ber

Churchill Show creative director Teacher Wanjiku’s husband Victor Ber has been keeping a low profile ever since he was exposed by comedians for  ‘mistreating’ them.

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Ber, was featured in late comedian Ben Maurice Onyango aka Othuol Othuo’s journey series on Churchill Show. Having worked with the comedian before and after fame, he said,

‘When he came to Churchill Show the first day, he never had that green suit (his signature dress code). His introduction wasn’t long na akapiga mstari. After that nikarealise 100 per cent ametranslate mistari zake directly from Dholuo language to Kiswahili. His jokes sounded better and funny in Dholuo unlike in Kiswahili. I told him to present the jokes in his native language, he did it and we really laughed but couldn’t allow him on stage. Tukamrudisha tukamwmbia “wewe enda utafute vile unaeza own Kiswahili ili ndio ukiperform the audience would laugh”. He came the following week the same. Tulimrudisharudisha.’

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‘The first time ile alipanda stage, he went on stage during the ‘if you think you can laugh segment’ which was to aggregate upcoming comedians. He proved us wrong by making the audience laugh. Since that day, he made it to the top list and we used to give him a chance to perform. Akaanza kurefusha ile introduction yake fupi and we could tell him he was using it as a short cut. Anapiga introduction refu halafu mstari moja inakuwa ni kama shortcut,’ Ber explained.

He continued,

‘Nilijaribu kumdiscourage sana about his introduction ndio atleast atokee kwa TV mara mob. Later on, with time, he graduated to advanced another stage and went from performing for a limit of seven minutes to none. We even insisted he be introduced by Dan ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki.’

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