I have an uncle who told me one of the biggest fears most men have is what information will be added to their eulogy when they pass. He told me that it is futile to worry about such thing: live your life to the fullest and have fun doing so.

That, however, doesn’t mean you do evil. And a hard life is no excuse to do wrong. A wise man indeed.

Being African, I have always taken for granted what would be included in my eulogy because, in Africa, we revere the dead. A despot dies and we wash away his sins, celebrating him as a leader with vision and conviction. A thief dies and we celebrate his innovative and free entrepreneurial skills. But not this time.
This time, a family in Tigania decided they would give their son a eulogy befitting the life he chose to lead; theft. In what was a scathing eulogy, they included the fact that he chose an evil path saying,

“he chose to be a criminal, thief, evildoer until the day he met his death at the hands of a mob”

Check out the actual eulogy below: