Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism center posing next to his car

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Nganga is the talk of the town.

This is after he went on a rant calling his bishops, “rubbish, useless and stupid”. The reason was, they disrespected his wife.

He did not pull any punches. He went in on his bishops, H.A.R.D.

“You stupid people, you found me here! I have watched you amass wealth here at my church with those others. Stupid. Arrogant [bishops]. You found me here preaching. You came to me with unkempt hair. Useless people.”

He finished the insult off with a crisp,


Walking up into the pulpit, the Neno Evangelism founder continued with his rant,

“There is nothing you people can tell me. I’m Neno [Evangelism]. I’m facing these battles because of Neno. Satan wants to bring me down. That is why the devil is fighting me all over the media.  Alafu, you sit there with your wife and you think you will castrate me?”

Read the rest of the insults in the link below.

‘Stupid, useless, arrogant bishops!’ Pastor Nganga rants on the pulpit 

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