Kenya Election

This year’s election has been characterised by tribalism, hooliganism, hatred, hate speech among other vile things. On 26th October, Kenya held a re-election after the August 8th presidential election was nullified but all didn’t go as expected.

A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga. Photo / REUTERS
A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga. Photo / REUTERS

Very few voters turned up for the re-election compared to August 8th’s and violence has been witnessed in various parts of the country especially in the capital city, Nairobi since.

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A twitter username by the name Nanjala Nyabola took to social media to ask Kenyans to write a romance novel based on the 2017 election and the reactions were hilarious.

“Someone please write a romance novel based on the 2017 Kenyan election. Please – do it for the culture,” read Nanjala’s tweet.

Check out the reactions;

  1. Keguro: “her ink-stained finger put a stamp on his heart”


3. Nanjala: “they locked eyes from across the tallying centre, and suddenly it was like none of the votes counted…”

4. John Allan Namu: But alas, theirs was a forbidden love – everywhere they went they were met by that stinging epithet: “THE LAW (against love) IS VERY CLEAR”


6. Hawi Alot: She had left a note on the living room table, it said “You couldn’t fulfill the irreducible minimums of my heart!”

7. Wekesa: There shall be no wedding on Saturday her Dad thundered. #LoveInTheTimeOfKura

8. Anj: She crossed my heart twice. At the end it never counted coz it was a mark of rejection 💔💔💔💔💔💔 #LoveInTheTimeOfKura


10. Nanjala: I Waited For You At The Polling Station, but You Never Came.

11. Deno: With what you did jana. i tallied my emotions and decided to withdraw until when you’ll be free and fair with my feelingz!

12. Hawi: His eyes revealed that he had a mysterious soul. He guarded its contents jealousy, like an IEBC server, and would not grant her access.


14. Sellanga: “But she insisted that his love was not genuine as it did not have security features as required by law.” #loveinthetimeofkura