The internet was abuzz with news of Papa Wemba’s sad demise yesterday. For those of you too young to know what lingala sounds like, allow me to introduce Papa Wemba to you and yours.

He died yesterday while performing and to be honest I envy him. If we could only be so lucky as to die doing what we love…

Legendary Singer Papa Wemba Faints On Stage, Dies Moments Later (VIDEO)

One of the millions of people who took to social media to pay homage to Papa Wemba was Huddah Monroe. Or so it seemed. She got everyone’s attention when she tweeted this message of condolence to his family:

Huddah mourns Papa Wemba

But is this really Huddah? It’s her twitter account right? But thing is, Huddah once went on social media to say she had lost her account to a hacker. All my attempts to reach Huddah on phone have been in vain, but I am very skeptical about all this.