Jimmy Gait
While on T.V with Larry Madowo

Churchill show has produced some of the best comedians in town who after exiting the show have found greener pastures.

DJ Shiti also known as Magazine who acts at the Real Househelps Of Kawangware is one talented comedian.

So, last weekend, Jimmy Gait had an interview with Anita Nderu where he attempted to cry on Live Tv, and what happened next was crazy fans’ reactions.

“You’re So Ugly When You Cry, Mbinguni Hakuna Handkerchief” Fans React To Jimmy Gaits Attempt To Cry On Live TV

Jimmy said that it was difficult for him to handle all the trolling on social media which made him release the song titled Love for all his haters. It is with the emotions he gave that made DJ Shiti create one hilarious video pretending to be the one interviewing the Muhadhara hitmaker.

dj shiti(1)

Niokotwe! 25 Hilarious Memes That Caused Emotional Jimmy Gait To CRY On Live TV

It seems Gait was tired of what people talk about him that saw him become emotional on LIVE national TV but then, it seems that would be the beginning of even more trolling.

The character of Dj Shiti in this video is one that will leave you in stitches;