Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has become the butt of jokes after posting an ‘unbelievable’ photo on his Instagram page.

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Over the weekend, the funny man jetted out to Dar es Salaam and as is the norm with many celebrities he had to let his fans know about his jet setting lifestyle before the plane took off.

Omondi shared a photo showing him relaxing on his seat – looking like someone who was in deep thought. What caught the attention of many of his fans was that his earphones wasn’t plugged into any source of entertainment.

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The plug was lying on a newspaper in the adjacent seat and his fans could not help but ask whether he was listening to news or that he had an invisible music player that they could not see.

neemrood Erico kwani hiyo earphones zako iko na player invisible?
ibnu_jamalilyl Kusikiza habari za magazetini ndio hivo @ericomondi
simonkigo I think anaskiza news… sema tu.
watakovincent Nowadays earphones is to the magazine.
rawzy_rawzy Listening to his inner self.
justinmutwirirapsun Kuskiza magazetini lakini bado kuplug earphones.
victormkip Anaskiza the inner voice.
betty_obwongania Utaaacha ku2ejoy!
mwangi_lyee Ulikuwa umeacha phone ama?
williamkariuki98ericoh we ni ule msee.
kakamaster Umefunga maskio?

Here is the photo:


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