Rongai Matatus

Do you use public transport? What do you like or hate about it? Well, I frequently use public transportation; matatus, but at times I curse myself for not owning a car. Travelling in matatus can be hectic at times. From quarrelling with conductors and even encountering weird things while on board.

I had a chat with my colleague Chege about his experience using matatus, and his response was not pleasing.
‘I don’t board matatus, I drive. I stopped using matatus three years ago…’
When I asked why, he went ahead to narrate to me the challenges he used to face while using matatus and to some extent, I agree with him.

Well, below are the most annoying things Kenyan ladies do in matatus:

  1. Eating in a matatu

For heaven’s sake, this is public transportation and not your personal car. Don’t buy food to eat in a matatu while you’re seated next to someone with a hungry kid, who’s probably salivating over the smell of your packet of chips yet you can’t even share with them.

2. Occupying a lot of space

Some ladies are just ill-mannered. They will occupy a lot of space, and when you try to ask her to move and make space for you, she will bark at you and give you “the evil side eye”. If you don’t want to sit with someone else, then pay for the double seat.

3. Being touchy touchy with their male partners

Please, please! Matatus are not your bedroom where you do anything you want. It is a public service vehicle and you ought to respect other passengers. Some ladies have a habit of kissing, tickling and even caressing their partners in public. Why can’t you get a room in town and ‘quench your thirst’ rather than promoting pornography in matatus where young kids are watching you?

4. Fart in the matatu then pretend it is not them

Saitan! This should, in fact, have come first. Some ladies have this bad habit of farting while in matatus then pretend it’s not them. They pollute the air leaving passengers on board inhaling the bad smell while they enjoy it. Such women should be shamed and be even thrown out of the matatu or given a thorough beaten.

5. Talking loud

Please if you can’t talk softly, wait until you alight. Some women talk so loudly while on the phone one would think that she is addressing mourners in Kasipul Kabondo. Also, those who travel with their friends talking about unending stories, while shouting and laughing loudly like hyenas. Please have manners!

6. Littering

Why eat food in a matatu in the first place? Don’t you have a house? Some women eat and leave remains including banana peels in the matatus without caring about other people’s safety. Others even buy fries and chicken then wipe their oily hands on seats making it uncomfortable for other commuters to sit on the dirty seats.