Reverend Kathy Kiuna

When word went round yesterday that Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) got a private jet on his 50th birthday, skeptics like myself chose not to believe.

Not that we, if you allow me to speak your behalves, think he is a pauper. After all, he runs one of the most successful churches in Kenya. We just thought it was far-fetched.

On the special day, his wife Reverend Kathy Kiuna took to social media to wish him a happy birthday with the sweetest words she could find.

Reports indicate that his church held a small celebration where they officially ordained him as a Bishop, but wasn’t he already one? I digress.

But that was not all. Apparently, they also pulled their resources together to buy their ‘Dad’ a private jet, at least according to a KOT member.

Since the tweet wasn’t enough to go by, many of us treated is as a rumour until he put up a photo of the actual plane about an hour ago.

Here is the photo, what say you now?


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