She now calls herself an entertainer but before she got there, she was one of the biggest socialites in Kenya and Pendo is not about to let go of the fame anytime soon.

The curvy lass turned to music after turning on a new leaf back in 2015, dubbed Sometimes and though it didn’t do as well as expected, she still went on to drop the second single Can’t Get Over Me, which did better than her first track.

Born Stacy Brianar Brown didn’t stop the hustle though and after a while, she joined Kenya’s first ever socialite TV reality show, Nairobi Diaries, where she revealed a side we didn’t know about her.


In the reality show, The Ghetto Princess is known for her violent nature, where she’s beaten up and engaged in fights with fellow cast members several times, and trust me, she has no regrets about it.

She is known for her no-nonsense nature and has become one of the most controversial actresses in the drama-filled TV show. According to the sassy lass, however, people misunderstand her and the only reason she engages in physical fights is when people step on her toes.

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The talkative and bold actress cum entertainer has once fought with bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika, before she left the show back in February 2016 and the two were also involved in yet another brawl in a club where this fierce woman threw a glass at Sidika.

But away from all that drama, she is a friendly lass who speaks her mind even if not everyone will agree with her. Another thing we don’t know about her is her love for jewelry and ornaments.

This lady can spend a lot of money on quality jewelry and likes to treat herself to classy rings, earrings, and chains. She has come out to reveal a unique place she loves to have the shiny ornaments, and no, it’s not the tongue.

The former socialite revealed that she has pierced her nipples and to prove it, she shared nipple rings that she had just received from her bling supplier.

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Check them out below as she gushes about the elegant jewel;