Willy Paul

Being a celebrity is not easy. You are expected to live large by your fans and always be perfect or else you’ll always be trolled online. Singer Willy Paul has been trolled for showing off a 24 inch TV screen.

The Nikune hitmaker shared a video dancing inside his bedroom and what caught the eyes of his followers was the small flat TV screen mounted on the wall. People couldn’t understand how a top celebrity like Willy would own such a ‘small’ TV set.

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Check out the video

The video ignited mixed reactions among social media users and below is what they had to say;

isma_esmile Unmount screen ya gari kwa nyumba?? I can’t can

Adjija Rourin Palmer Hii ni Airbnb ama lodging…Hakuna vile utaweka ka tv ka 24 inch as a secondary.

Peter Wanyoike Usishtuke kupata hio tv iko na nyuma kubwa kuliko ya aka Carol…🤣🤣🤣

g.i_charlie 24 inch TV 😂

Ale Jinx Hart I can see he also has a 24 inch chest

Steve Bedrooms hazinanga cable ya aerial…..hapa mkunaji alikuwa duty mahali

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Tedd Gee Na anavaa kiatu ya 10k😅😅 hata pengine hajanunua boxers hii mwaka

dunnymukenyi Kwani anaishi kwa bedsitter???

Adamdaffi Kiplagat Kwanza Inakaa HTC ama ni TCL🤔🤔

Jane Malesi When did the size on a TV represent someone’s bank account balance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! She is one that will have the partner buy all the fancy staffs in a rented house instead of buying her own home 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kula Chako Bedsitter pia iko na bedroom 😂😂😂

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